Single. Sober. Sexy. Happy V-day!

This year was supposed to be the third year of my marriage to the man who I considered to
be my true love. He was my second husband – the “one I had been waiting for”.

Instead, this Valentine’s Day my parents are going to court to get divorced (yes, today of all days) and I am in the middle of my (second!) divorce myself. Yup, I am coming to terms that I MAY not be the relationship kind. And, surprisingly, I am perfectly fine with that.

img_9517That’s the beauty about sobriety in my life, it teaches me to be so incredibly grateful for every day, and teaches me to embrace what is – rather than what is not. Instead of mourning the loss of my marriage, I am grateful for the opportunity to become a better person now that I have time for me. I deeply believe that every intimate relationship we have is the biggest teacher, and a means for us to grow.

So today I breathe deeply, get in my sexy leather pants, my high heeled boots, and raise my latte to the sky. Salud, Life. Cheers, Universe. Thank you, Love. For all the beauty brought, all the lessons learned, and all the possibilities ahead.

I embrace being single, serene & sober. And in my book, that is sexy as hell.

Happy V-day, my dears.

Sober Mami

3 thoughts on “Single. Sober. Sexy. Happy V-day!

  1. TeamLoza says:

    I feel you on this! During my alcoholic days I was a mess and went through 3 divorces, and none were good for me no matter how much I loved! In 2009 when I finally got sober I looked in the mirror loved me and never looked back. Now 2017 I’m married almost 5 years in 2 months with a beautiful baby girl! Life is good when we learn to love ourselves so we learn how to be loved correctly. Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to reading more.

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    • sobermami says:

      That is such a great story. Yes, life is SO messy when we are drinking. Or craving. Or acting propelled by self-reliance. Right??? 3 divorces – damn, girl, you are beating me. I am on divorce #2. Awesome!!!! I love to hear that your relationship is now a healthy one. Of course, you had to get healthy yourself to be able to live in a healthy marriage 🙂 Thank you for sharing the hope!!!!! stay in touch please!


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