Addiction = Running from pain (and love)

I was a witness to greatness last Friday night in NYC. Greatness, all rolled-up in a 5-foot uber-petite frame. Greatness in high heels, sassy blond hair and black leather pants. Glennon Doyle-Melton is greatness. And badassness. And raw-truthness (yes, I make up words, live with it).

DawnGlennonGlennon looks like a suburban mom (and frankly has a hotness that makes me want to be a lesbian). But when she opens her mouth she sounds more like Russell Brand had a child with the Dalai Lama. Her thoughts are like recovery fireflies in a very dark night. She gets it. She really does. She captures the essence of every addict’s truth, and sheds some light on it.

I found a video in which she rolls the same concepts that we heard from stage. The jewels of recovery / pain / growth; the trifecta of this whole matter.

Enjoy, my luvs. Sober Mami::

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