Relapsing: Emergency Toolkit

For anyone who struggled with a relapse recently. It’s all good, it’s just a part of the journey. All my love, SM.


Today I received an email from a beautiful girl in the Sober Tribe, who relapsed this weekend and just came out of a 3-day bender. She asked me what I recommended to get back on track with recovery, as she know that relapse was “my jam” for a long 2 years.

Below, my answer:

Hey Sister

I am sorry you went through that. It sucks. But it happens, and God knows I am familiar with how that goes. Relapses are a blow to the heart, to the body, and to the very essence of who we are. SO. The here are my suggestions:

  1. Take time to have time with yourself. Sit with you, the real you. The one who wants to get better. And forgive yourself. The hardest thing for me was to do that, through my relapsing. I found that the last times (the ones that allowed for sobriety…

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