“Me, too…”

The last five days have been wonderful, a little scary and extremely eye-opening.

As a result of fearless blogging and openly sharing on social media, my last post (The Deep Craving) has been read close to 4,500 times and shared by around 50 people in 4 countries. This may not be a lot for many of you out there…but considering that the posts before that had like…10 reads…this is freaking mind-blowing to me. This adventure, of course, touched both my ego and my fear. My ego-self feels like a badass warrior (rhaaaaaaaaa!!!!) with all this attention. My fear-child feels vulnerable (quietly sucking my thumb in fetal position) and wants me to take down the post.

I have decided to sit the child to the side and let the warrior do it’s thing. After all, it is the warrior who supports peeling off the anonymity, throwing shame and fear out the window. Those masks do not serve the bigger purpose of sharing honestly about my disease.

The biggest gift of the 4,500 reads? The amount of “ME TOO’s” I received.

Oh… So. Many.

In fb posts and private messages…in phone-calls and emails and post-shares and texts. So many reached out to me after reading the blog, and shared their ME TOO’s.

There is no power greater than the one in those two words. Me. Too. I get you. I understand you. I feel the same way. 

That is where the light is. That is where the connection is made. And ultimately, that is where the strength and hope lays. Same problem… Same solution.

Please let your Me Too’s speak. Please continue carrying the message of sobriety and recovery. Don’t just carry it on the days when the sun is shining and you have rainbows paving your sober strut. Share when the shit hits the fan, when the demons come and dance, and you use your recovery tools to get through. If I can do it, you can do it. If I can beat my sexy demon, you can do too. If my Higher Power can save my ass, then your Higher Power can save yours as well. 

Carry on, warriors. Keep sharing. Keep connecting. Keep recovering. Keep your voice loud. Its the only way we will break the stigma behind alcoholism and addiction. Its the only way we replace shame with compassion, and fear with hope.

Thank you for the love and support



3 thoughts on ““Me, too…”

  1. mjbusinesssolutions says:

    Your post “Deep Craving” replayed in my mind during my own intense, out of the blue, deep craving earlier today. I felt desperate for a drink. Just one! It would calm my overwhelming feeling of misery and dread. No one would know, I was home alone. So thankful I emptied my house. Remembering your words helped me get through and NOT take a drink. Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there. You have had a huge effect on me and my life.


    • sobermami says:

      Oh wow… I CANNOT tell you the amazing feelings I experienced by reading your words. I was tearful because I felt the pain you felt today; I was grateful that my words remained in your head through it; and mostly I was absolutely honored to think that sharing authentically could actually help you to not pick up. Wow. Thank you so so much for taking the time to share this today with me. It really helps me continue to put my fear to the side and write about the insanity we feel sometimes. Thank you thank you thank you. Stay close, please. P.


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