Goddesses on my Recovery Path

I am grateful to have many Goddess teachers on my path to recovery and spiritual awakening. I believe there is nothing more powerful than women lifting women.

Women who share their growth so that others can be strengthened and inspired.

I am humbled to have incredible, powerful, generous women like these in my life. Women who do not allow me to stay small; who give me a little push when I get stuck in fear; who give me simple phrases to hold on to when I can´t hold more than just that; who allow me to be imperfect and don´t judge me; who share their pain vulnerably; who listen…just listen; who are so fucking brave in their own lives, that I stare, in awe; who remind me who I am when I get lost; who take my hand and let me borrow their courage until I can find my own.

I am so grateful for these mentors, my “army of light-bearers” – which is growing by the second.

These women just show up, with their light and their lessons, and their courage and their love. They don’t ask  for anything in return. They just show up, dropped into my life in a wake of stardust, bold and beautiful.

My beautiful Mother Pamela Isoard, Lauren M-P., Elizabeth C., Shannon J., Sabrina S., Louisa G. , Taryn S., Dawn N., Marianne W., Glennon D., Sasha T., Nancy C. , Elena B., Lisa K., Amy D., Mary D., Tina Mc., Karla P., Grace, Cynthia S., Amber S., Caroline M., Jill I., Brené B., Susanne S-B., Lara F., Gigi W., Ari A., Claudia B., Alejandra E…You showed up and loved me when I needed you during this past year of putting myself back together. You have been there, in different ways. You may not even know all you have taught me and how deep your light has touched me during this adventure of discovery and recovery… but I do know. I do. To you and all the others whose names are not here because its the end of the day and I get a little alzheimer-y… But you know who you are. And I will surely come and add to this blog when your eyes show up in my head. Or maybe I won´t. Because your impact in my life may be bigger than your name written out, and you and I know this. Thank you.

Below, one of my teachers, whom I was grateful to meet, hug and hold tight in NY this spring. Her voice is part of my recovery. This meditation helped me with my early sobriety and still fills me with wonder at this new life, and gratitude for my journey. Thank you, Elena. Your words continue to heal me so much.



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