Recovery audios + documentary

Hola Sober Tribe!

I am SO GRATEFUL  and EXCITED (with capital letters!!) to have been able to record talks from a dear friend of mine, who is a rockstar in sobriety & recovery — and has a super clear and inspiring approach to the Steps. She is quirky, funny and breaks down the program in a way that just makes sense. She’s the cat’s miau, frankly.

The program is broken in 3 files, located in the links below. Each video is really just an audio file, so I recommend you listen to at home or even stream in your car. You may want to have a copy of the Big Book handy (click here for the online version) as she includes a couple of pages for reference in her talks. Schedule about an hour per talk. We are serious about getting down and dirty with the program, as you can tell.

Enjoy. Oh, and please leave me a comment either in this page or on the youtube channel. I want to know your thoughts, and if there are questions / comments.

AUDIOS:: The program of Recovery, a practical approach to the Steps






ASK is an exploration of alcoholism, drug addiction, and codependency. The documentary explains these topics in a way not seen before. At 1 hour, 20 minutes, ASK explores real issues through real people’s stories, and provides clear cut hope and direction. We hope that you will watch the film, and afterward you will carry the message by passing the film along (at to anyone who might benefit from it.